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Welcome to Soar Over Obstacles! Clarksville's main training center for
Ninja Warrior, Obstacle Course Fitness, and Parkour!
And we are just getting started!!

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1191 Fort Campbell Blvd, Suite I,
Clarksville, TN 37042. On the back side
of the stripmall, just off of Sinclair Rd.


My name is Coach Storm Sims.
Lead Coach and Owner of Soar Over Obstacles.

Soar Over Obstacles is a community which provides fun and fulfilling fitness training, serving the Clarksville and Nashville, TN area. Sessions are dynamic Coach-Led Ninja Warrior, Parkour, and Obstacle Course Fitness Training. Personal training is available,  small group sessions, women only sessions, birthday parties, and team building events.
Sessions are available for ages 3&4 y/o, littles, teens, and adults.

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Not just making better athletes.

At Soar Over Obstacles, we help our students gain confidence in themselves and improve their mental and emotional resiliency. We use the tactics and techniques of Ninja Warrior, Parkour, and obstacle course training, to overcome obstacles in the club and this translates  into real life. 

You see, the obstacles in the training facility are nothing more than a physical representation of what goes on in life. The lessons the members learn in the gym gives them the ability to think and work their way through life situations. They may bend, but they won't break or crack under pressure when life throws hurdles and obstacles at them.  

And through all of this training and learning lessons, mostly they are just having fun!!

Gain Confidence and Mental Resiliency

Our Schedule

Our schedule has sessions for everyone
- 3 & 4 y/o (30 min on Thursday morning)
- 5-12 y/o, 11+ y/o sessions
- all ages (5 y/o+, our family session, Moms, Dads, Teens, Littles all at the same time. Create awsome memories with your kids)
- Adults only sessions 18+
- Women only sessions
- Ground training. Not ready for obstacles just yet? We offer body   
transformation and bootcamp style        training sessions.    

June & July 2024 Schedule

February 2024

Trial Sessions

Trial sessions for Soar Over Obstacles are:
$15 for 3&4 year olds
$30 for a single person
$60 for a family

Make payment to register for trial session below


SINGLE             $220/month
FAMILY             $350/ month   2 - 4 people


3 & 4 y/o          $ 45/ month       30 minute session
SINGLE             $135/month
FAMILY             $200/ month    2 - 4 people



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Lisa Ely, TN

"I first started working with Coach Storm when we signed my son up for obstacle course training. I had wanted to start exercising and instead of sitting on the sidelines, I decided to at least start moving my body by joining my son's training. As we continued to go, we could tell we were getting stronger, our balance was improving, our confidence was growing, and soon we were doing things we didn't think we could. I started adding the daily workouts at home and started training with Coach Storm at Soar Over Obstacles and was surprised at how quickly I started to feel like an athlete." 

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Judie Bailey, IN

"Coach Storm has been an amazing trainer for our entire family. He took my two daughters from never hearing of Parkour, to being world qualifying ninjas within a year. My 6 year old son gained heaps of confidence and strength through Coach's mentorship. He has taken me out of my comfort zone with training and showed me that I can perform beyond what I think I can. He is an amazing Coach and person."

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Nancy Sherman, TN

"I began training with Coach Storm in Jan 2019. The obstacles seemed insurmountable for someone with poor balance and core strength. Coach began by core strengthening exercises and teaching proper techniques for the obstacles. Slip wall, 4 ft. wall, monkey bars, and rings, became possible. Strength, confidence, and pride were the results. I am part of a community that is helpful and supportive."

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  • I need to be in shape before starting something like this.   Absolutely not. We have many, many people who come to us and it is their first day doing ANY fitness training. 
  • ​I'm to old, to broken, to big to do this. Coach Storm is 28 years retired military. Beat up, broken down, jumping out of perfectly good airplanes. But he's not down and out. We'll show you how to get your body moving again (or started) so you have an AMAZING fitness journey. 
  • ​This must be some really hard core training. I can't do something like this.  Our programs are designed to take a day 1 fitness person or an elite athlete and meet them where they are at RIGHT NOW! We start you slow and gradually increase you to the levels you want to obtain.

All the Coaches and every one of our members started somewhere. Now it's your time. You'll have support (because we've been the newbie so we TOTALLY understand) and accountability (we want to keep you engaged in our world, in our community). To take you to levels of fitness you never thought possible. 

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